Cool chair for sore backs

Been sitting in this for two months now and have reluctantly sold it to a very needy customer. May she get the same joy (along with an improved posture, of course!)

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Presently carrying out workstation risk assessments around Edinburgh in Scotland for DSE Ergonomics Ltd, I also advise on and supply ergonomic office products. I have a number of great clients that regularly use our services and a few can be seen on the referrals page of our website (see Blogroll link attached). If you need further information on any products just send an email to
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2 Responses to Cool chair for sore backs

  1. David McConnell says:

    Does the backrest actually help having it split into 2 sections or is it a design thing?

  2. stevecarlyle says:

    Hi David,
    Actually it is not just a design thing – so here’s the script.
    The split back is designed to promote variation between tension and relief in the back muscles (posterior, anterior and lateral). It supports the thorax very well, relieving pressure on the lumbar vertebra and flexes to allow fully supported seating movements ie: side to side, leaning back and turning. This provides the possibility for frequent changes in position which allows longer, fatigue free sitting.
    There, and that’s just the back!

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